Welcome to my website, if you have looked this up you are probably interested in counselling or psychotherapy. I am a qualified humanistic and integrative psychotherapist. I welcome enquiries from people of all ages and backgrounds. My practice is based in South Belfast in the Ormeau/Ravenhill area. I am particularly interested in working with people around the following kinds of issues:

Life transitions, Relationships, Stress/Breakdown, Depression/Anxiety, Sexual issues, Trauma


Humanistic and integrative psychotherapy/counselling is an approach that attends to the whole person, their perceptions, thoughts, feelings and physical experience working as a whole. This type of psychotherapy can draw from many approaches and believes that no one approach necessarily has all the answers. My style is to move flexibly among a range of approaches depending on each person’s needs and personality.


Often as the process of therapy unfolds we move from concern with problems and symptoms towards exploring how you might lead a more fulfilling and authentic life. Where on this continuum you choose to work is always up to you. I use the term ‘counselling’ to refer to focused, often time-limited work on particular issues, and ‘psychotherapy’ to describe the open-ended journey of exploration.